Creating Consciousness

Creating Consciousness

Creating Consciousness is an audio program packed full of conscious stories and clearing audios to expand your consciousness and create more awareness for you. 

This program is very similar to the clearing library found inside of the Being the Conscious Empath course. If you loved that course you will love this one just as much if not more! 

If you haven't taken Being the Conscious Empath yet, don't let that stop you! This program will help expand you beyond limitations and create more space for you with ease. 

This library is packed full of 21 clearings complete with some bonus worksheets and even a meditation to help you create more consciousness!

This program includes audios such as: 
The power of presence.
Releasing the guilt monster.
Releasing the polarity around other peoples choices.
Getting out of emotional intensities and so much more. 

Each call includes a matching work sheet with powerful clearings and receivings to help you go beyond. 

22 Modules

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I am so excited you are here with us ! 

The Power Of Presence

Welcome! This first audio is the beginning of a powerful journey! It's time to show up in your life. It's time to be present. 

Honoring People For Who They Are

In this audio we are diving into honoring who people decide they want to be.

Deconstructing The Shock Trauma System

Be prepared to be shook. It's time to let go of the trauma system. 

Dissolving Guilt

Ready to release the guilt monster? Let's dive in....

Releasing The Form And Structure Around Abuse

Releasing the form and structure around abuse. 

Releasing Polarity Around Other Peoples Choices

Releasing polarity around other people's choices is a MUST! You have to stop making people wrong for what they be, do or choose. 

Releasing Righteousness

Releasing, untangling and removing paradigms of righteousness and superiority.

Getting Out Of Emotional Intensity

In this audio we are looking at emotional intensities. All that weird stuff that takes you out of being present. 

Being In Allowance

Allowance and being a space that works for us. The more you demand the ease the more ease that shows up :)

Infinite Being

This is a special call to facilitate yourself out of anything.

When You Are To Blame

In this call we are looking at when you are to blame.
Getting to the ease no matter who thinks you should be at fault.

Universal Flow

In this call we are looking at when we have a down day. Today's call was difficult for me to explain, so I hope I did it in a way you can identify.

Feel Your Dreams

In this audio we are looking at merging our dream life with our feelings.


Today we are talking about allowance and acknowledgement. Potentially more acknowledgement than allowance! 

Awareness In Your Body

In this audio we are looking at how awareness shows up in the body. 

Acknowledging Your Awareness

In this audio we are looking acknowledging our awareness, even when its hard.


In this audio we are looking at resistance.

Frequency Matching

Frequency matching is my favorite! If you can receive it you can actualize it! 


Who are you surrounding yourself with? And how does that affect you? 

What Are You Creating

Looking everywhere for what we want to create.

Attitude Of Gratitude

The attitude of gratitude always creates more. Always. 

Modules for this product 22
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