Money Pulls

Money Pulls

This program includes 30 different audios designed to help you pull money into your life!

This series teaches you receiving the energy of money from people, places and things.

In this series we will be asking for money, pulling money into our life and doing money receiving from all over.

You may experience:

  • Money showing up from unexpected places. People who owe you money, businesses that owe you money, refunds from unexpected places, and people who want to pay you money! How cool is that?

  • Discounts from all over! Including your monthly bills! Ever had a water bill show up for free? Or how about a $1000. phone bill credit? Well, I have! People who play with pulls with me experience unexpected discounts all the time!

  • Free items. For real though. Free items. Have you ever bought something online only to find the order was doubled? Have you ever purchased something to later find out it was free? It happens more than you think!

  • Massive receiving from all over. When you practice pulling you open the doorway to the universe to gift you massively.

  • Gifting becomes ease. When you start receiving more it allows you to gift more!

This series will help you shift into a money receiver with ease!

*Results above are examples of what might be created. Everyone's journey with pulling money is different. No claims are made about what you will receive. This program is not intended as a substitute for income or financial advice. This program is for entertainment purposes only. 

**Please note when you sign up you will receive instant access to all 30 days of this previously recorded series. 

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