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Connection Portal

Connection Portal

This portal is a nine day journey of releasing old commitments and control systems tying you into being the effect of everyone and everything. In each audio, the focus will be on releasing you from the systems of control bringing you into the connection of you. As you know the truth within you. 

The great divide is here. People everywhere are fighting for and against everything. The agenda runs deep. We're feeling this in every aspect of our life right now. Especially inside our bodies.

Right now the Earth is giving us the time and space to surrender to the old paradigms of polarity and settle into the true space of who we be. Now is the time to stop upholding the fight and release yourself from being the affect of everyone and everything.  

This portal is perfect for you if you are feeling like you want to be different but can't figure out how. If you're having a hard time with boundaries, saying no or standing in your power, this portal will assist you in releasing yourself with ease. 

This portal will be a powerful release of what or who is controlling you. 

Each days audio we be approx. 10-15 minutes. This program includes many powerful messages and upgrades available for those willing to receive. 

2 Modules

Welcome Start Here

Welcome , Here are the energy portal basics. Please start by listening here for an important guidelines on taking this energy portal. 

If you are unsure of the tools I use here and would like to learn more. Please sign up for the free series at

Portal Audios

All of the portal audios will be found here. Please listen to these audios in a relaxed position with nothing to do or be. Allow the energy to make the changes. There is nothing you have to do or be. Just listen to receive the change.

Here is our mantra for the each day. We will read this together at the end of each audio. Time to embrace our power. 


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Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator. She will be facilitating your energy, space and consciousness. You will feel the difference in your body. You may experience feelings like wooziness, dizziness, detox symptoms and or another feeling.  It's common to feel "weird" as your energy shifts and changes. Each call maybe intense depending on what you have stored in relevance to the call topic. Please advise that this work can be intense and you may experience symptoms for 24-48 hours after the call.

These sessions are not to be used as a substitute for therapeutic, health or legal advice. Please consult a professional for health or mental health concerns. In these calls we are only facilitating energies. We can not guarantee any type of result. These sessions are to be used for entertainment purposes only. 

There are no claims or guarantees for any of the audios included. Taking this program may not change your situation in any way. You are taking this program at your own risk. 

You are prohibited from sharing any content within any of these audios with anyone or on any social media sites. As with all consciousness work, take what works and leave the rest. Thank you.

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