Clearing Club Vault

Clearing Club Vault

Ready to dive into clearing

20 Clearing Club audios straight from the clearing club archives!

This clearing club series includes 20 different clearing audios to help you release yourself from old emotional intensities and paradigms of overwhelm. 

The clearing club audios are designed to help you release yourself from old form and structure that upholds paradigms you no longer desire to contribute too. Understanding that whenever we function within a concept (EX anger) we contribute to that concept every time we engage within it. As you free yourself from within concepts you find that you have more choice and possibility flow into your life with ease!

Here are just a few of the audios available within this clearing club series: 
Clearing the commitments to unconsciousness
Clearing the inner sense of wrongness.
Clearing the resistance to this world.
Clearing Sadness. 
Clearing Shame. 
Releasing Abuse. 
Self Sabotage. And so many more! 

Here is a special intro video to give you more information on how clearings work and what you can expect when you start doing consciousness clearings. 

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Clearing The Commitments To Unconsciousness

We all committed to unconsciousness when we embodied. Grateful to know we now have a choice! This is a huge paradigm that will give you some great new space. 

Clearing The Inner Sense of Wrongness

In this call we are clearing out that deep sense of wrongness, especially around being a child. 

Receiving Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Clearing out everything in the way of you receiving beyond your wildest dreams. 

Clearing Poverty Consciousness

Clearing out the spaces and places we are tied into poverty consciousness in our life. 

Clearing Outdated Programming

Clearing old commitments and outdated bloodline programs. This call is going deep into ancestral lines. 

Receiving Your Deepest Desires

What is everything in the way of you receiving your deepest desires?

Clearing The Resistance To This Reality

Clearing the resistance to this reality. 

Clearing Shame

Clearing out the energy of shame. 

Clearing Sadness

Clearing out the paradigms of sadness to actualize more joy. 


Looking at the F.E.A.R. paradigm. Clearing out the places we have identified FEAR as something it isn't.

Systems Of Defense

Clearing out the systems of defense. Where is everywhere you are defending for or against? 

Clearing Out Manipulation

Clearing out the form and structure around manipulation. 

Releasing Abuse

Clearing out the form and structure around abuse.

Clearing Concepts Around Time

Clearing out the concepts around time and space. 

Self Sabotage

Clearing out the self sabotage paradigms. 

Releasing The Heaviness

Releasing the heaviness from within your being. 

Releasing The Connection Points To You

Releasing the connection points to who you "think" you are. 

Clearing Your Truth

Clearing everything in the way of standing in your truth. 

Clearing Space for Joy

Clearing more space for Joy to show up! 

Clearing Your Way To Your Best Life

Clearing Your Way To Your Best Life.

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These sessions are not to be used as a substitute for therapeutic, health or legal advice. Please consult a professional for health or mental health concerns. In these calls we are only facilitating energies. We can not guarantee any type of result. These sessions are to be used for entertainment purposes only. 

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