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REIKI MASTER COURSE (Global Live Stream)

REIKI MASTER COURSE (Global Live Stream)

Up level Your Reiki Powers NOW! 

Join us for a live event to receive your full Reiki master rights. 
This course will be live streamed GLOBALLY via zoom around the world! Class will be Saturday January 22nd 2022 from 10am-4pm EST with a break for lunch around noon.

This interactive event will allow everyone a chance to interact online. 

We will be:

1. Receiving rights as a Reiki Master. 

2. Performing and experiencing Reiki sessions. Each person will receive a Reiki session and give a Reiki session. This will all be done virtually. Which will give you the chance to gift and receive a distant healing session. 

3. Share our experiences with Reiki.

4. Learn how to do a Reiki attunement and gift other participants with an attunement, meaning you will receive several Reiki attunements! The cool thing about this is that every time you receive a Reiki attunment from a different person you release different attachments. So just imagine receiving them from multiple people!

5. Receive a Reiki Master Manual with the rights to use Expand Your Reality LLC's Reiki manuals to teach your own course!

6. An option to be listed as a Conscious Empath Reiki Master to offer your reiki services on the Conscious Empath Practitioner page. 

7. An increase of awareness and consciousness as you embrace your new role as a Reiki master. 

This course will be packed full of information to take you to the next level. 

Ready to be a Reiki Master? Join us now!


You must take Reiki I and Reiki II prior to this class. This is a master level course were you will receive your Reiki master. 

1 Module


As a Reiki Master you will have the ability to teach Reiki yourself. Here are the manuals you can use to teach your own courses. 

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You understand and agree that this Reiki course will be live streamed on January 22nd 2022. This class will be available for others to watch later. No refunds will be offered as this class can be accessed at any time in the future. 

You also acknowledge you have taken Reiki I and Reiki II prior to taking this class. This Reiki Master class is purely for information purposes and are not to be used for as a substitute for medical, legal or therapeutic advice.

You also agree and understand the following: We will be live streaming this event. This is a live class that will be recorded for current and or future use. We may use footage from this event for promotional material in the future. Your image, video of you and or voice maybe used for promotional material.

You agree and acknowledge this and release Jamie Bates and Expand Your Reality LLC from any liability from you attending this event. 

Nothing in this class can be held against Jamie Bates or Expand Your Reality LLC. You also acknowledge and understand that you will be responsible for the outcome of this class. 

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