Chakra Clearing Library

Chakra Clearing Library

This Clearing Course is exclusive to the Chakra Course only. Enjoy a wide variety of clearing calls around the concepts found within each chakra. 

8 Modules

If You Are New To Clearing Start HERE!

If you have are unfamiliar about clearing here is a short introduction. 

Solar Plexus Clearing Calls

Solar Plexus Clearing Calls are here! These calls may not be exclusive to the solar plexus. Enjoy! 

Heart Chakra Clearing Calls

Here are the clearing calls associated with the heart chakra. Not exclusive to the heart chakra. 

Throat Chakra Clearing Calls

Throat Chakra Clearing Calls are here. 

Third Eye Chakra Clearing Calls

Third eye chakra clearing calls are here. These may not be exclusive to the third eye chakra, the energy just presented itself here. 

Modules for this product 8
Chakra Course Bonus

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