Awareness Expansion Course

Awareness Expansion Course

12 Modules

Welcome Start Here

I am so grateful you are joining me! I can't wait to see what this course creates for you! 

Day One

Day one is here. Today maybe a bit uncomfortable and intense. Let's lean into that feeling so we may use it to create the greatest expansion for you. 

Day Two

We are just getting started! Day two is sure to get you moving in an expansive direction! 

Day Three

Day three is a dozy! Allow yourself to really receive what you are aware of here with ease. 

Day Four

Today I want you to go beyond "wanting" and look at could I receive this? Today we journey beyond!

Day Five

Are you perceiving the changes yet? Are you feeling the difference in your body? 

Day Six

Today may invoke strong feelings and that's okay! There is no right or wrong here it's all just information. 

Day Seven

Today sit with what does these mean to me? You may surprise yourself! 

Day Eight

Today let's receive some JOY.

Day Nine

Today we are reflecting.... In more ways than one! 

Day Ten

Today will definitely be the most difficult of all days. Be gentle with you. 

The Empaths Guidebook To Consciousness and Awareness

This program comes with the audio version of The Empaths Guidebook to Consciousness and Awareness. 

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