Being the Conscious Empath

Being the Conscious Empath

The Conscious Empath is a program that will teach you a set of energy tools and processes to transform and create your life. 

These tools will teach you step by step to process energy, release your past, transform your thoughts and create your life.

It includes various energetic processes that involve using techniques to shift your personal energy system.

This change in energy allows stored belief systems and old emotional paradigms to be shifted and released. Then offers a powerful process to feel what is true for you.  Allowing a clear direction on how to create what you desire.

This process deepens and expands your inner awareness giving you a clear path to your intuition. 

This program is approx. 10 weeks. It is dripped out to give you time and space to learn these tools to fully embrace change. 

10 Modules


Welcome! I am so grateful you are joining me on this amazing adventure to becoming the conscious empath! 

Start your adventure here! 

Module 2 Clearing Out Your Energetic Blocks

Clearing out your energetic blocks. 

In this section, I am going to explain two different things.

1. What is everything that is blocking you energetically? Here we will be diving into how the form and structure of your Universe is stopping you. 

2. Give you a simple method to find the blocks and clear them out for good! 

Module 3 Heal Your Life

In this module, you are going to use a receiving technique to change the energy you feel around your past, yourself and those around you. 

What happens when you do this is that you change the way you relate to the experience, therefore, changing the way you feel about it.

When you change the way you feel about your past, yourself and others it changes the way your future shows up!

It is a very powerful technique to shift not only your past but your relationships and the way you feel about your life and choices.

We will be practicing this technique a lot! It really is the foundation for changing energies. 

Start first with the healing your past. Do pulls from your past, your childhood, things you feel bad about that happened to you.

Then move onto healing your life. Do pulls from where you are now, things your worried about or trying to figure out from you.

Then last move onto relationships. This will be ongoing. Start with the person you have the most issue in your life with, pull from them and move onto the next. 

This will be an ongoing process. 

Get into the habit of doing it daily. It will create the most for you. 

Module 4 Receiving Everything You Desire with Ease

In this module, we are deep diving into receiving from everyone an everything! Here we deep dive into what our body truly is! Your body is a receiving organ, allow yourself to receive! 

Receiving is a process. It does take lots of time and space and practice. Allow receiving to become your new way of life! 

We are breaking a week here to give you time to deeply dive into receiving from everyone and everything plus continue to practice last weeks techniques. 

Module 5 Feeling Your Truth

In this module, we are diving into feeling your truth! 

When you learn to feel your truth it creates real expansion throughout your whole life!

No more being indecisive- make life choices with ease. 

No more worrying- clears up the paradigms around worry as you will be able to tap in and feel!

No more feeling mixed up in overwhelm- you will be able to easily decipher what is yours and what isn't. 

Module 6 Instilling Boundaries

In this module, we are diving into boundaries!

This is such an important piece of maintaining consciousness. 

You must learn to speak what works for you and live in a space that works for you. 

**In order to receive the bonus program Creating Choices you must listen to this sections introduction. 

Module 7 Conscious Choices

Choice is really the main activator of life. 

Everyday you make choices. Every single one of these choices creates the path you walk every single day. 

In this module I am explaining how very powerful choice is. Choice is a constant in our life. Choice dictates the very path we walk. Choice creates the life you have. 

Choice is the most powerful way to create something different in your life. You have the power to choose life to show up any way you desire. 

**No bonus programs this module. 

Module 8 Alignment

Wow! You have finally made it to the last module! This module is all about alignment. Many of the other programs you may have already listened to go over many parts and pieces of alignment. 

Really what alignment boils down to is being able to receive the frequency and vigilantly holding space for it to actualize in your life. 

Some things take longer than others but being the space of it is key to aligning your life with it. 

Graduation from Being The Conscious Empath Program!

Congratulations! You made it through Being The Conscious Empath! I am so excited and grateful for you and your willingness to dive in and create yourself as a conscious empath! 

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