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May's Happenings At The Conscious Empath

May 2022 is going to be an intense month. With a powerful lunar eclipse on the 15th, we will be feeling the effects all month. 
The moon will turn red in the night of May 15th into May 16th as the moon passes through the Earth's shadow.  This will be a powerful experience we will be feeling before and after this event.

This entire month will be all about integrating more of you. As we move through this month there will be lots of new energies allowing the reveal of many shadow aspects of yourself. These shadows will be up and ready for you to "see" them as they are, so you can easily integrate them back into the space of you. This is going to give us multiple opportunities to integrate these new spaces and show up more dynamically than ever before. 

This months masterclass is: Navigating Awareness With Ease

This month’s masterclass will be a powerful journey. This month will guide you through uncovering a deeper level of awareness within yourself. This masterclass will be one that you can revisit multiple times to drop you deeper into the truth of your being and help you to solidify more awareness and truth of you. This masterclass will be great to listen to repeatedly to help you evolve and integrate more spaces of you. 

This month's live event is: Releasing The Old Shadow

This month will be a powerful 90 minute live journey through old aspects of you. This journey will be a highly energetic experience where you will be shown old reflections of you, not yet realized. As we move through these old reflections you will be given an opportunity to not only see these old reflections but also to reintegrate them back into your core frequency allowing for the aspect of you to be healed and transformed. 

This months course special is: Being The Conscious Empath

Being the conscious empath is the core tools program for the being the conscious empath. This program is a 10 week journey through discovering how to use each tool and how to live the conscious empath life! Learn to live in an expanded space receiving from everyone and everything with audios and videos to take your awareness to new levels. This course also includes several additional programs to integrate more awareness and empath abilities. Use code: SAVE50 at check out to get $50.00 off the program. 

May is giving us a grand opportunity to be more of us than ever before! I hope to have you joining us! 

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