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June's Happenings At The Conscious Empath

June's Happenings At The Conscious Empath

June 2022 is going to be a bit of a reprieve. As we wind down the retrograde and finish processing through the old shadows we are in for some new energies and new experiences! 

As we move into the fiery energy of Sagittarius we will experience more vitality and lightness moving through our being than we've had access to in a while. Expect you to come alive in new ways and experience a upswing of emotional freedom throughout your being. 

This entire month will be all about stepping into new energies, making big new choices, and living life for you!

This months masterclass is: Actualizing The New You

The new space of you is here and ready to be actualized. Lets spend this month asking, receiving and being the space you desire for your life. Stop focusing on what you hate and invoke the space of you that you truly desire with ease. It’s time to wake up to the deepest desires within your heart.

This month's live event is: Invoking The New You

On June 14th we will be experiencing a strawberry full moon that will bring the rise of the feisty fire sign of Sagittarius. This will allow us to usher in the truth-seeking and adventure loving energy to help us expand our horizons and embrace our spontaneity to jump into the new frequencies and vibrations available to us. 

This will be a powerful live journey into new energy and aspects of you. This journey will be a highly energetic experience where we will first close out the last lunar cycle, allowing you to deeply release that old shadow from last month and fully embrace the new space of yourself that is currently ready to be actualized. 

This month's course spotlight is on: Being The Conscious Empath

Be a Conscious Empath Master Energy Course. Learn how to successfully navigate emotions and energies to master yourself and how to help others with ease! 

Check out this months spotlight program for real core frequency transformation. 

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