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July Happenings At The Conscious Empath

July Happenings At The Conscious Empath

July 2022 is going to be packed full of many energetic twists and turns, as we continue to unwind ourselves from within the system and continue our evolution journey. July will be a potent month of returning to our power and taking back control of our lives in ways we have yet to see available to us in this lifetime. 

You can expect to continue to feel the burn of the release of the system as it continues to try and maintain control. Please know this is just an illusion. We are breaking down the system. It won't be long before we begin to see the change before our very eyes. 

It will be the upmost of importance that you are doing the deep inner work to continue the evolution of you. You're the only one who can remove those demons. No one else but you can be in charge of your return to power. This month at the conscious empath I have many support programs available to you. It's time to stop waiting for someone to come and save you and deep dive into saving yourself. 

There is nothing to fear except fear itself.... Stop running. The time is now. 

This Months Masterclass is: Living From The Heart

Awaken you and dive into the flow of your desires. You are worthy and deserving of all your dreams come true. Just imagine the love you desire flowing to you from all directions. Good fortune returns to you just as you’ve always known it would. The financial freedom and success you’ve been desiring. It’s all on its way. Let’s spend this month basking in the glow of desires actualized. Come with me on a powerful actualization journey into living from the heart. 

This Months Live Event: Releasing The Chains Of The Past

Join me for a powerful live journey as I guide you through a deep energetic trance releasing the chains from the past keeping you looping in limitations and restrictions. The time of change is here. It’s time to embrace this time. This journey will deliver the powerful messages you require to move on with ease. You will be led through a series of energetic transmissions to allow your path to be illuminated giving you the power and the ease to release these old chains from the past and embrace where you are going with ease. 

This Months Spotlight Program is: 3 Day Energy Healing Experience

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3 days of energy shifts and transformations sure to heal your energy plus teach you how to heal energies for good!

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