Accelerate your ascension with 9 days of powerful energy upgrades! It's time to shift into alignment of you.    

Being the Conscious Empath

Are you ready to BE THE SPACE you've always known you are?
You are different, you always have been... Only problem? This Universe hasn't taught you how to exist as the difference you be. Being The Conscious Empath is a complete program to teach you to BE THE SPACE you've always desired to be! Stop suffering in emotional overwhelm and old stories. 
Your greatest strengths are also your greatest weakness.

  • Your sensitivities allow you to easily empathize with others but also allow you to absorb all of their pains and their problems. It's been difficult to be around people as you're always getting caught in all their issues. This program will assist you in releasing yourself from inside these old programs so you no longer have to internalize other people's struggle as your own.

  • Awareness of what other people require can keep you busy doing for others instead of caring for yourself. You've always been a people pleaser for good reason. You are so intuitive and aware. This is one of your greatest gifts. When you learn to use your awareness to assist others without sacrificing yourself everything changes. Stop resisting your natural ability and learn to deeply receive.

  • Old wounds can keep you captive in old stories relating most deeply to others in pain creating you surrounded by people needing healing. Once you clear these old programs and wounds out for good you will no longer find yourself in the depths of pain. This program includes a huge library of clearing audios that do the work while you just listen, even while your napping! 

You have been feeling this yearning for something different for a reason. You know it's time to learn a new way to be in this world.

My life completely changed when I became a conscious empath!

  • I stopped being emotionally reactive. I used to function in high levels of anxiety, fear, sadness, and anger. These emotions ruled my day and created so much pain throughout my life. In fact, I spent most of my life in agonizing fear about everything. Now I not only don't function there I teach people how to go beyond it. 

  • I have become the parent I've always desired to be. I healed the way I felt about my children, instead of feeling sad I couldn't give them the life I desired for them, I learned to uphold love and success. It's been almost 15 years since I found consciousness work and it's completely rewrote what is possible for them as well. 

  • I have completely rewrote my family's trauma. In fact I am no longer stuck in the family patterns of guilt and sadness. Witnessing first hand how when you change it creates ripples of change for those around you is an understatement. When you change, your family changes, everything changes. 

  • I healed my life in ways I never could have imagined I would. From moving beyond broken to thriving and teaching others to thrive. I have put together a set of tools and processes that not only teach you to function differently, but change your very core just by learning and listening. 

If you're anything like me, you've always known you came here to help others. You desire to make a positive impact in this world.

  • Step Into Being The Change You Desire: You know you want your life to change. You're so sick of dealing with the same issues day after day. Life seems as though it's always something that's got you down. 
  • ​Stop Being Emotional Reactive: Perpetrating old emotional cycles is not only draining it continues to create chaos in every area of your life. This program includes a library of clearing audios to release you from concepts like anger, rage, guilt, sadness, unworthiness and more! This program will create changes in your emotional system just by listening! 
  • Take A Leap For Yourself: I know you have been trying to "figure out" you for a long time. Take the leap into something so different. This work will unlock a part of you that you have been searching for. You know this work resonates with you. Do it already! Put some faith into your own awareness and jump! 
  • Have Something Tangible That Creates Life Change: The best thing about this work is.... it truly changes things! Just imagine in as little as the first few weeks you will be experiencing life differently. You will notice as you release these old patterns of abuse you will move differently, live your daily life differently and even interact with others differently. 
  • Create A Positive Impact: Imagine how amazing it will feel when you see the people in your life changing! No longer will you view those you love with the same connection points. Your relationships will change. The people you love will change. Life will forever be different. 
  • ​Ignite Your Creativity And Joy: When you step into your power as a conscious empath life will become fun and joyful! You will finally deeply realize all these amazing things about yourself and how you function. You will finally "see" your super powers! This awareness will invoke so much space of ease in your life. 
  • Stop Living In Lack: You know there is abundance available for you, you just haven't yet been able to harness it yet. Being a conscious empath will uncover so many natural gifts and abilities you can use to help create more abundance than ever before. 
  • ​Step Into Life Already: Once you make the choice to be a conscious empath everything changes! Life makes sense. Your abilities make sense. Life becomes the light and free adventure you've always desired it to be. 

What does The Conscious Empath Course Include?

Here's a sneak peek inside... 

All About Expansion

This tool is a foundation for being a conscious empath. Just learning to stay in an expanded space helps you to shift body pain, shift chronic fatigue, release anxiety and increase your awareness. This tool will help to lay the groundwork for fundamental change. 

Time To Clear

Here you will be diving into how energetic form and structure  creates the way your reality shows up.  You will get access to a library of clearing audios that will create dynamic energetic shifts just by listening. This module will dramatically change the way your life shows up. 

Core Level Receiving

Next you will deep dive into the pure power of energetic receiving. In this module you will be using different methods to heal the energy you feel about yourself, your family and your life. This will create a dramatic shift in not only your relationship with yourself but to everyone around you. 

 Deepening Your Receiving

Learn how to use your body as the powerful receiving organ it is to use your natural abilities with ease. Here you will learn how to receive without internalization, this everything changes. 

 Shifting With The Vortex
Here we are diving into vortexing. Learn how to vortex energy through and connect with the vortex daily  to provide you with next level receiving and clearing all in one! 

 The Truth Shall Set You Free

Here you will begin the process of understanding what truth feels like, how to stand within your truth and how to identify how your processing information.  This will unlock a deep level of awareness about you and your life. 

 Choose What Works

Learn the secrets to being space with you and choosing for yourself. No more people pleasing. No more sacrificing yourself for others. Learn how to check in with you and choose what works for you.  

 Your Choice Creates

Choice is really the main activator of life. Everyday you make choices. Every single one of these choices creates the path you walk every single day. In this module I am explaining how very powerful choice is. Choice is a constant in your daily life. Choice dictates the very path you walk. Choice creates the life you have. 

 Aligning With The Life You Love

In this module we will discuss using everything you've learned to invoke and uphold the frequencies you desire for you life so you can align with the new life you are desiring for yourself. 

Graduation from the program

The Conscious Empath Course walks you through an energetic journey that truly heals your life! Then it teaches you step by step how to use your natural gifts and abilities as a sensitive person to not only transform your life but to be the natural invitation to everyone around you. Just imagine... Your kids changed. Your family changed. Friendships showing up differently...

I've been working with people just like you for over a decade now. I understand that you've had a unique experience for a reason. That inner yearning to heal your life is pinging you now because now is the time! 

I know the things you need to hear to step into your power. You already know everything you need to know, it's all within you. You just need a guide to help you uncover the true space of you. 
This course includes everything you need in a step by step path to help you get clear about yourself, using these tools and standing in your power as a conscious empath.
I know you're feeling the urgency and may feel confused about the path. That's why I have created these tools and will show up with you providing you with the support you need! I will assist you in fast tracking your way with everything I have learned as a successful consciousness facilitator. I have learned ALOT the years and have helped thousands of people get clear and heal their life. Why not you too? 

The contribution you will receive as a conscious empath will fill you with the sense of accomplishment you have been missing. Don't waste anymore of your life "trying to figure out" how to move forward with your life. Put some time and space into learning how to be the space of you and your capacities. 

What makes this Conscious Empath Course

different from any other healing courses?

The Teacher

Jamie Bates is a consciousness facilitator. Jamie not only understands the difficulties you come up against as an empath and or energetically sensitive person, she can perceive them too. Jamie discovered she was highly intuitive as a teen, uncovering her psychic abilities. She then stepped into healing becoming a Reiki Master, massage therapist and eventually owning her very own healing center, she discovered the secrets to truly healing and moving forward with your life. She knows the mental, physical and emotional roadblocks you've come up against, as she's seen them over and over. Jamie has been working on bodies for almost three decades now. She has designed this program with all the tools necessary to assist you in removing old patterns so you can move forward, free from all that limits you. This program will use a combination of different consciousness tools to help propel you into your greatest awakening yet. Plus twice a month live group call facilitation will allow you to bring forward your unique struggles to get personal assistance for you. 

Make New Conscious Friends

This program will include many opportunities to share, heal and grow together with other people just like you. You will find that you aren't just weird and different. There are actually people just like you who've also struggled with feeling separate from the world. Together you will learn, shift and grow together. You will feel a connection to these people greater than you've ever experienced before. 

The Access

You will receive lifetime access to this course material to review at any time. There is no time limit, so revisit any lesson, live call or any course material whenever you require it. 

The Support

Although this course is completely virtual it still comes with a VIP group and two ongoing monthly calls where you can get help directly from Jamie while you step into being a conscious empath! In the group you can ask questions, share ideas and get feedback from Jamie and other facilitators in the group. Make connections with others like you. Meet new friends. Get the support you need to make the forward motion. 

Forever Changed

Once you completed this program your life will forever be changed. You will not function like you used to. Life will be forever different. You will have deeper awareness, connection and a greater sense of you than you ever have before. You will feel empowered and connected on a level that is indescribable. 

Everything You Need To Be A Conscious Empath Is Included In This Course! 

  • Instant Access: Once you buy this course you will have INSTANT access to begin right away! This course opens immediately and guides you through a complete 10 week transformation. 
  • Complete Life Change In Just 10 Weeks: You will feel yourself changing just by committing to this course. This course will take you on a complete life transformation. It will teach you how to function differently. Respond instead of react. And create your life moving forward as a conscious and aware empath. 
  • Five Bonus Programs To Further Assist You On Your Journey: This program includes five bonus programs to assist you on your forward motion as a conscious empath. These programs include extensive audios to release you from old choices, emotional paradigms and old past experiences with ease. 
  • The Tools In Action: This course will include multiple opportunities to learn and experience these tools in action. Not only will you feel the difference. You will see the difference in your everyday life. 
  • Live Calls with Jamie Bates and The Team: There will be two opportunities a month to join a live call with Jamie Bates and some of the consciousness facilitators. This will be your opportunity to ask questions and get live support through out your entire course. Since this course is completely digital, you will have access to this feature throughout your 10 week journey. You can join the calls whenever you are available. 

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions:  

How does this course work? This is a progressive course that is available to sign up for at random times. This course will run completely digitally for 10 weeks.  Once you sign up you will receive a weekly update email and continual support from the conscious empath team to keep you accountable to doing the work. Most of this program is just logging in and listening to course materials. You are encouraged to do your best to follow along with the prompts throughout the program. But if you fall behind no worries the course material will be available for you to revisit at anytime. You will have lifetime access to everything we went through.  

Who is a good fit for this course? This course is for anyone who is an empath or highly sensitive person, who is ready to dive into new tools and a new way to live here in this reality. If you have always known you came here to do something but haven't quite figured that out yet... this course is for you. If you are already working your magic on the world but are ready to make a bigger impact and reach more people... this course is for you. Or if you just know you have a message for the world about change, transformation, healing or creating but can't seem to get it out there yet...this course is for you. 

How is the training delivered? All the content for this course will be held inside of a course and will be available on The Conscious Empath platform. You must log in to watch videos, download the brochures and listen to the videos. You can access information at anytime. Once you sign up a new module will open weekly/bi-weekly. Once it's open you can access at anytime. This course is fully dripped out over a 10 week period. 

Does this course come with a guarantee? We can not guarantee you will have specific results. With any program you must show up and do the work to create change. This course does however come with the piece of mind that you just have to log in and push play to "see" the change! 

When does the live course begin? This course is completely digital. You will receive immediate access once you sign up. The coursework will open as you move along the course, making the complete course 10 weeks long. 

How much longer are you going to sit idle knowing you're meant for more?
Ready to embrace your gifts and capacities as a conscious empath?

Disclaimer: This program does not guarantee results or any type of specific transformation.  Any information on results and or earnings are not typical and are not guaranteed. We do not guarantee by taking this program you will produce life transformation and or create any type of new life. Your results will vary based upon the work you complete and the energy you personally contribute.  If you are not ready to commit to yourself or your life, please do not join us for this course.

12 Modules


Welcome! I am so grateful you are joining me on this amazing adventure to becoming the conscious empath! 

Start your adventure here! 

Module 2 Clearing Out Your Energetic Blocks

Clearing out your energetic blocks. 

In this section, I am going to explain two different things.

1. What is everything that is blocking you energetically? Here we will be diving into how the form and structure of your Universe is stopping you. 

2. Give you a simple method to find the blocks and clear them out for good! 

Module 3 Heal Your Life

In this module, you are going to use a receiving technique to change the energy you feel around your past, yourself and those around you. What happens when you do this is that you change the way you relate to the experience, therefore, changing the way you feel about it. When you change the way you feel about your past, yourself and others it changes the way your future shows up!

It is a very powerful technique to shift not only your past but your relationships and the way you feel about your life and choices. We will be practicing this technique a lot! It really is the foundation for changing energies. 

Module 5 Shifting With The Vortex

Here we are diving into vortexing. Learn how to vortex energy through and connect with the vortex daily  to provide you with next level receiving and clearing all in one! 

Module 6 Feeling Your Truth

In this module, we are diving into feeling your truth! 

When you learn to feel your truth it creates real expansion throughout your whole life!

No more being indecisive- make life choices with ease. 

No more worrying- clears up the paradigms around worry as you will be able to tap in and feel!

No more feeling mixed up in overwhelm- you will be able to easily decipher what is yours and what isn't. 

Module 7 Instilling Boundaries

In this module, we are diving into boundaries!

This is such an important piece of maintaining consciousness. 

You must learn to speak what works for you and live in a space that works for you. 

**In order to receive the bonus program Creating Choices you must listen to this sections introduction. 

Module 8 Conscious Choices

Choice is really the main activator of life. 

Everyday you make choices. Every single one of these choices creates the path you walk every single day. 

In this module I am explaining how very powerful choice is. Choice is a constant in our life. Choice dictates the very path we walk. Choice creates the life you have. 

Choice is the most powerful way to create something different in your life. You have the power to choose life to show up any way you desire. 

**No bonus programs this module. 

Module 9 Alignment

Wow! You have finally made it to the last module! This module is all about alignment. Many of the other programs you may have already listened to go over many parts and pieces of alignment. 

Really what alignment boils down to is being able to receive the frequency and vigilantly holding space for it to actualize in your life. 

Some things take longer than others but being the space of it is key to aligning your life with it. 

Graduation from Being The Conscious Empath Program

Congratulations! You made it through Being The Conscious Empath! I am so excited and grateful for you and your willingness to dive in and create yourself as a conscious empath! 

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